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Complete Corrugator

"Langston Heritage"

JS Machine has established themselves as a dominant supplier in all of their traditional markets.  The long history of excellence in corrugators was further enhanced with the acquisition of the Langston technology.  Using that design base, the machines have continually been improved to extend productivity and quality.

Not only does the corrugator provide world class specification and performance but the customer has a wide array of options to customize the installation to their specific market requirements.  In fact JS will uniquely produce corrugators to custom widths as well as special stacking or compact arrangements.  The upgrading of existing corrugators can often be enhanced by the ability to customize the product for the specific application.

JS will provide this same technical support for customers purchasing a complete corrugator or a single component in an existing machine.  For the most demanding requirements and for the greatest value, JS Machine should always be your source.



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