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In-Line Digital

JS Machine released their first digital press, the CUBE 760 in the corrugating industry in 2017.  This digital press featured unparalleled in-line technology with a servo driven rotary shear system that could place slots and tabs on the sheet as it moved through the machine in addition to the digital print.  The press also achieved high production speeds up to 500 feet per minute.  This added-value offered by the CUBE sparked a recognition and demand for a larger format machine, as the CUBE 760 was 30" in design width.

In October 2017, JS unveiled their 2nd generation digital press, the CUBE 1600, which is more than double the size of the CUBE 760.  The CUBE 1600 is 63" in design width and features the same in-line shear technology and printing speeds of the CUBE 760.  The CUBE 1600 is a great fit for the customer that desires to enter the digital space.  The high production speeds (500 fpm @ 150 dpi) and shear system separate this piece of equipment from the rest of the field.  The CUBE is also capable of printing higher resolution, with 600 dpi at 200 feet per minute.

The CUBE uses UV ink, with the Ricoh Gen5 printing heads.  The standard setup of the machine includes CMYK, however if desired, the customer can customize with additional colors.  JS is also capable of expanding the design width of the CUBE to 72" if desired by the customer.  The 72" digital press is a new development by the JS engineers and is referred to as the CUBE 1800.

J.S. CUBE 760 In-Line Digital Press
J.S. Machine North America

J.S. CUBE 760 In-Line Digital Press

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