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Corrugator Components

YWZJ-C Mill Roll Stand

  • Automatic Reel Loading

  • Residual Reel Withdrawing

  • Reel alignment

  • Automatic tension control in accordance with splicer

  • Loading capacity at one side: 4 metric tons

  • Paper roll diameter: 12-63"

DWK Single Facer

  • Cassette type, positive pressure

  • Automatic wrap angle adjustment of liner pre-heating roll, synchronous fluting of pre-heating roll

  • Maintenance free timing belt of main drive

  • Automatic pressure roll control

  • Automatic glue width adjustment

  • Automatic control of glue quantity with digital readout

  • Temperature display

  • Design speed: 1,378 fpm

  • Corrugating roll change time: 10-15 minutes

YR(T)C Pre-Heater/Pre-Conditioner

  • Automatic wrap angle control, temperature display

  • Automatic tension balancing of paper in lateral direction, cylinder rotating at slow speed of pre-heater, cylinder sync rotating of pre-conditioner

  • Cylinder diameter: 39.37" (pre-heater), 23.62" (pre-conditioner), 47.24" (triplex pre-heater)

  • Wrap angle adjustment range: 60-280

SJH Duplex Glue Machine

  • Modular design at each layer for easy maintenance

  • Variable frequency drive, speed can be accurately set according to flute profile and paper running direction to control glue application position accurately

  • Press roll, motorized adjustment of pressing gap

  • Glue application wrap angle adjustable

  • Automatic control of glue quantity with digital readout

ZHF Double Facer

  • Patented air pillow rib type pressing system with automatic pressure control

  • Pre-heater and curved lead-in heating plate at entrance

  • Hot plates temperature PID control

  • Six-channel hot plates

  • Steam fusion hot plates

  • Side shoes pressure release according to paper width

  • Automatic alignment and dehumdification of synthetic belt

  • Pneumatic tension control of synthetic belt, tension set to adapt belt stretching

QDL-D Rotary Shear

  • Helical serrated knives

  • Automatic chop waste board heads according to input starting and finishing length of waste board

  • Width adjustment in accordance with duplex non-cutting order change

  • Reserve cut for trimming of automatic order change

  • Working speed: 984 fpm

ZFY-B Slitter Scorer

  • Full servo for tool setup

  • Automatic tool setup and order change

  • Automatic scorer profile switchover

  • Motorized adjustment of scoring depth

  • Automatic edge trimming with suction

  • Tool setup time: 0.4 - 1 second

  • Min. scoring distance: 0mm

  • Min. slitting distance: 5.91"

  • Tool setup precision: 0.0197"

  • Max. order change speed: 984 fpm

HQG Duplex Cut-Off

  • Low inertia knife roll

  • Automatic instant order change at order input

  • Automatic chop waste board at order change and output waste board

  • Min. cutting length: 19.69"

  • Cutting precision: 0.039" (constant speed)

DML Duplex Stacker

  • Upper: down stacking

  • Lower: up stacking coordinate with down stacking

  • Multi-order stacking

  • Min. stacking length: 19.69"

  • Max stacking length: 141.73" or 171.17" (Option)

  • Stacking Height:

    • Lower: 70.87"​

    • Upper: 86.61"

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