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JS Folder

The Game Changer is here! The JS Folder is the newest offering in the flexo-folder-gluer line from JS Machine.  The JS Folder is a high productivity machine with in-line features, such as die-cutting with the serrapid system.  The fixed frame design of the machine allows for non-stop plate mounting in the printing sections.  Use of the non-stop plate mounting and serrapid die system allows for 2-minute setups.  In addition to the low setup times, the JS Folder has high production speeds, with its top speed of 350 sheets per minute.

More Choices to Fit Your Operation!

920 - 35x78

924 - 35x94

1224 - 47x94

1288 - 47x110

Contact us ( if you are interested for additional information/technical specifications.  We are able to take interested customers to see a JS Folder in production.  See our game changing technology in the video below.

J.S. Machine JS Folder 2018
J.S. Machine North America

J.S. Machine JS Folder 2018

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