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Material Handling

JS Machine offers the most complete line of material handling from the simplest conventional conveyors to automatic guided vehicles and robots.  Regardless of your plant requirements there are JS material handling solutions to facilitate more efficient operations.  In addition to the products, the JS engineering staff provides the expertise to customize these systems to your building and operating requirements.

Conveyor systems include conventional roller conveyors, flat belt conveyors and all transfer devices to create almost any operating environment.  The newest unit transfer system is the automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system which moves units within the plant in flexible programmable layouts that effectively allow you to reconfigure the material handling layout as often as required by varying product or customer requirements.  These systems allow the maximum flexibility and minimum cost to adjust to changing production demands.

Robots allow the box maker to perform a wide variety of production tasks including the feeding of finishing machines as well as the load forming at the machine delivery.  The JS robot division applies the precision used in their development of robot control for, "Iphone," assembly to perform corrugated material handling applications.  Utilizing this level of precision on heavier tasks in corrugated allows for a higher level of quality and reliability to meet the most demanding requirements in box plants.

Reel Logistics System

Reel Logistics System

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